Are you looking for a website design that gets more traffic to generate you more leads and sales?

Perfect... as the websites I design do exactly what you're looking for.

I design websites to show up in the natural search rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Together with customer-focused direct response web copy that delights people to want to buy your information, products and services.

Here's a website I developed and designed earlier was developed and designed for the founder and owner Peter Bell.

The images below are Peter's website homepage, Google search ranking and email quote requests.

Website homepage

Web Design - EHCS Website Homepage

Google search ranking

Website Design - EHCS Google Search

Email quote requests

Website Design - EHCS Email Leads

Since there's a bit of scepticism in all of us... and so there should be!

And since not everyone in business has your best interest at heart. I've added the images below from the June 2010 launch of Peter's website [thankfully the torn edges on images weren't in vogue for long.]

As you'll see, search engine optimisation [SEO] is baked right into the web development, design and web copywriting so your site is launched using the right ingredients for a solid online marketing base.

Website hosting stats

Website Design - EHCS Web Stats

Google ranking - 24 hours

Website Design - EHCS Google in 24hrs

Google ranking - 48 hours

Website Design - EHCS Google in 48hrs

Peter's testimonial below is the evidence that everything I've said to you so far is 100% true... even if it sounds unbelievably good!

Peter Bell Peter Bell Business Owner

"I'm one happy business owner"

I knew nothing about websites and I still don't. But I knew my business needed one. So I approached Toni to put my business on the web.

Within 48 hours of my site being launched, I had not 1 but a total of 4 spots on the first page of Google. Even better, within 72 hours I had 11 new jobs and the phone just keeps on ringing.

Peter Bell,

Want to know the basics of how your website is designed?

I first walk in your customer's shoes [hypothetically] because your business website is designed to serve your customers wants, needs and desires — just like Simon and Garfunkel's song "Keep The Customer Satisfied."

Next, your website structure is developed and the information architecture planned. Then your clear and concise web copy is crafted to satisfy your customers as [the higher the readership, the higher the response.] Also for the search engines to easily navigate and understand your website for better search rankings.

Ok! Want to see some more proof?

Peter's website is on Google page #1 - position #1 for the search query Exterior House Cleaning Sydney.

Just look at the following search queries that Peter's site also ranks for on Google page #1 - position #1.

This bits important: An incognito window was used for each of these recent [2014] search query images.

External house cleaning Sydney

Website Design - EHCS Search External House Cleaning Sydney

Outside house cleaning Sydney

Website Design - EHCS Search Outside House Cleaning Sydney

Exterior house pressure cleaning Sydney

Website Design - EHCS Search Exterior House Pressure Cleaning Sydney

External mould removal Sydney

Website Design - EHCS Search External Mould Removal Sydney

House pressure cleaning Sydney

Website Design - EHCS Search House Pressure Cleaning Sydney

Restaurant external pressure cleaning Sydney

Website Design - EHCS Search Restaurant External Pressure Cleaning Sydney

Also... here are Peter's Yahoo and Bing search engine rankings

Yahoo - Exterior house cleaning Sydney

Website Design - EHCS Yahoo Search Exterior House Cleaning Sydney

Bing - Exterior house cleaning Sydney

Website Design - EHCS Bing Search Exterior House Cleaning Sydney

To keep things simple and to the point

The websites I've chosen to design simply sell and have been positioned high in the search engine rankings. I've launched websites for a restaurant consultant, communications specialist, a school and safety clothing company, a musical celebrity to a home-based breakfast cereal maker with stellar results.

What I choose not to do is horse punky or cheap web designs because neither is good for your business.

More to the point... picture yourself turning on your computer in the morning, logging into your email or merchant account to see 1, 2, 3 (or more) new "You've got money" messages welcoming you.

Imagine owning a website that gets traffic, leads and sales... would that make a BIG difference to your life and business today?

YES! Please use the contact form here to get in touch with me about owning a website that sells.

It doesn't matter how brilliant your work is if people can't see it — Google